The Problem With Dating: 3 Reason’s Being Single Sucks

As a serial singleton, living life solo has its perks:
No one to check in with, no one else to think about when at the grocery store, and no fighting over the remote!
Single life also has its drawbacks, I present to you a (short) list of recurring reasons being single sucks:

1. Sleeping Alone
Nothing beats the extra heat of a warm body laying beside you. It’s no secret, men seem to generate more heat than women and on a cold, damp, rainy/snowy night there’s nothing more delightful than someone to snuggle next to to warm up those icy toes.

2. Ordering Take-Out
Sure, that $40 order of Chinese food or the Extra-Large pizza seemed like a good idea at the time. Now you’re stuck eating soggy noodles or rock hard pizza all week. All because, in a moment of weakness (aka “treat day”), our eyes were bigger than our bellies. Boyfriend’s won’t prevent you from ordering greasy take-out en masse (in fact, they probably encourage it), but they will eat more than their fair share. They’ll also save you from the look of embarrassment when the delivery guy arrives to an empty apartment “Uh… thanks… my friends are going to be so psyched I… uh… surprised them with pizza…”

3. Movie Night
Popcorn is popped, you’re comfy on the couch wrapped in your favourite blanket, you’ve picked the BEST tear-inducing romantic comedy. What’s missing? Someone to hold your hand as you sob through The Lake House for the thousandth time. The same can be said for a movie night out. Who else would share their GIANT bag of popcorn with you even after you twice said you were “too full”

What do you dislike about being single?

Peace and Love,


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