July 8, 2012

I received a message yesterday from someone I was once close with.  The message started out: “I’m assuming your life has gone nowhere…

This made me sad. Not for myself, but for her.

She and I had had a falling out. It’s been so long now, that I can’t remember when or why. But, if I know women, then it’s sure to have been something insignificant that called an end to our friendship.

Relationships end, that’s a fact of life. In the years since the end of our friendship, I’ve made peace with it. I prayed for a happy life for her, and moved on. I’ve gotten closer to those people around me who have been there through good times and bad. I’ve lived a lot of days, shed a lot of tears, been through a lot of things, and come out stronger on the other side. I’ve made huge life-altering decisions surrounding my career, life and education, and I began to really write.

I’ve learned that when people send you messages or start conversations with hurtful words, they’re looking for a reaction from you. Their poor behaviour is a symptom of problems they have in their own lives. A younger version of me would have fought fire with fire and replied with something equally as mean.

Instead, I have decided to let silence speak for me. 

Peace and Love,



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