The Poetry of Poetry

I see it all around me,
I live it,
I breathe it,
I feel it in my bones.

It’s the way a tree sways in the breeze,
Green and bright,
Flowing majestically,
This way and that.

Children laughing raucously,
Giggles and snorts,
Silly faces, secret languages, jokes that don’t make sense,
Music to the ears.

The simplicity of pizza,
Singular ingredients,
Melding together,

Creating a symphony for the mouth.

It lingers in the air,
A not-so-distant memory,
The scent deep inside the nose,
A reminder, that spring has finally sprung.

Getting caught out in the rain,
Droplets dancing playfully,
Tickling and dribbling,
Across the shoulders, and down the back.

Everyone and everything is poetry.


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