Bluenose – Part 1

Have I trained enough?
Am I ready?
Did I dig deep enough? Eat well enough? Push hard enough?

Has it been enough? 

Today’s post-work run, and last training opportunity before Sunday’s race, pavement under my feet. And now, I am left with many nagging questions rolling through my mind, all boiling down to one: has my training plan since January been enough?

I am no stranger to anxiety, fear, worry, stress, and excitement. In fact, we’re old buds. And honestly, there’s nothing else I can do at this point to prepare myself – at least nothing that would positively benefit me on Sunday. Sure, I could “sneak in” a couple more runs, and some yoga, and some cardio, and arrive on Sunday morning an even more exhausted mess than I have been this last month. And maybe, just maybe, I will finish.

Finishing is not in my game plan.
I plan to capitalize on all the fear and anxiety and excitement, to beat my time from 2011; set a new all-time personal best; have fun; come full circle on one of the roughest years of my life; and most importantly, prove to myself that I can do it!

I. Am. Ready.

Like “they” say:
It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game

Peace and Love,


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