An Influential March

In like a lion, out like a lamb? In like a lamb, out like a lion?
The dreariest of months (in my opinion), inconsistencies of the weather alone are enough to break my heart. Grey skies, grey clouds, grey lawns, grey, grey, grey. One nice day, three snow days, two with rain; Spring so close by I can taste it, smell it, feel it in your bones! Only 31 (sometimes miserable) days until April.  

Here are four things that have influenced, inspired or kept me busy this past March:

Peace Flash (
I have always described myself as a quasi-hippie, a “moderate granola type,” toting my peace sign, and make-love-not-war attitude. So much so, that I can sometimes be heard telling others I was born in the wrong decade. The 60’s missed me, and I missed the 60’s!
Peace Flash pops up in my Facebook news feed about as often as I need a reality check (it’s not always about you, Mandi), reminding me that through sharing my personal peace, I can influence the daily lives of others. 

Soul Pancake ( &
Soul Pancake is a social media outlet for big thinkers, not unlike myself. It is a place to go where you can explore (and encourage others to as well) what it means to be human. Everyone has an inner philosopher, and Soul Pancake is the perfect place to explore that facet of yourself. 

Tracks by Linds (
Former co-worker, traveller, fellow blogger, and friend, Lindsey writes all about her adventures “galavanting” with her husband-to-be for his medical school rotations across North America. Her posts are well written, thought provoking, and insightful. Not to mention the Sunday music recommendations! It was at Lindsey’s suggestion that I (finally) put my fingers to keyboard here at WordPress, and share my thoughts with the world. 

Running (
There’s something both masochistic and zen about going for a run. Time alone with your thoughts, headphones on, the outside world melts away. At the  same time, it’s pure torture!!  Propelling your body forward as fast as you can, for as long as you can. The aches and pains of joints and muscles. And the cold, let’s not forget about the cold!

So why do I do it? To put it simply, I run because I can. I’m not terribly good at it. That bothers me, and so  I run to improve my form. It just so happens that as a side effect, it improves my health.

With 46 days left until the Bluenose Marathon, I am averaging a 9.5 minute kilometer (3.5 minutes above my ideal goal). I’ve had some setbacks with shin splints and knee pain since I began training in January, I’m still doing a combination walk/run during my 3 training runs each week, but I am still confident that not only will I finish again this year, I will be able to improve my finish time from 2011.

What’s kept you going this March?

Peace and Love,


One thought on “An Influential March

  1. You are adorable. I’ve finally had the chance to get caught up on your posts – glad you are enjoying the blog thing. It clearly comes naturally to you!

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