A Poem… or Two

My Suitcase

When I was born,
God gave me a suitcase.
He told me to fill it,
With treasures of my life.

As I began to grow,
My suitcase became heavy.
With all the riches of childhood;
Laughter and toys.

The older I became,
The heavier my suitcase.
Now filled with childhood joy,
And adult angst;
Worries and hurt,
Laughter and love.

Today, I unpacked my suitcase.
I unloaded all the things I once held as treasure,
All the lumbering weight,
All the old hurt.

Today, I unpacked my suitcase,
Until all that was left is you.



It’s funny how three words can come to mean so little;
I. and. Love. And. you.

I- I- I- I- I-
I am. I was. I think. I feel.
 I wish

Love love love love love
Love it. Love this. Love that.
Love you

You you you.
You can. You will. You won’t

I and love and you.

I and you
I and me
I and we

Love and you
Love and me
Love and us

You and me
You and me
You and me.


Peace and Love,


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