3 Words – Part I

As with any hobby, sport or past time, practice makes perfect.
Athlete’s train, yogis yoga, painters paint, sculptors sculpt, and writers write.
Since I consider myself to be a writer, I try to practice my craft on a daily basis. With writing, there is no such thing as perfect – any writer will tell you that. There are many ways in which to combat the insufferable writers block; surrounding yourself with inspirational quotes; writing in the same environment at the same time everyday; story boarding ideas; and the list goes on…

When I haven’t written anything in a while, one of my favourite activities is what I’ve called the “3-word method:”
Enlisting the help of friends, neighbours, and coworkers, I ask them to provide me with 3 words of their choosing. I then take a little time with each set of words, I type or write and say them aloud over and over until I feel that spark of energy, until something flows…

Recently, I played this “game” with some friends via Facebook. Their words were nothing short of challenging. What follows are a few examples:

Tin, compel, curve for Katie

Her cheek, a gentle curve
His heart, as cold as tin
Their tears, flowed together
Just like a gentle wind.

She asked him not to go,
He told her not to stay,
A lifetime’s loss of memories
All had gone astray.

For years her heart was broken
Alas, he was ashamed,
Compelled to live forever
With a heart that can’t be tamed.

Batman, tablecloth, Jupiter for Ian  

He knew he had a purpose,
He knew what must be done.
Batman could not aid him,
He is the only one.

A home far past Jupiter,
No kin he had to share.
His fortress was of solitude,
That was his private lair.

A cape made from a tablecloth,
His tights were blue and red.
To save him from his kryptonite,
He bore a box of lead.


I, heart, you for Shyla

Too many words to tell you,
So many words to say.
How do I say ‘I love you’
In a much simpler way?

The answer is within me,
I truly am so smart.
For all I have to tell you,
Is right inside my heart.


Peace and Love,


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