My Favourite Way to Meditate

Floating deep within my bathtub, arms crossed loosely over my chest, warm salt water enveloping me.
Calming music playing quietly.
I close my eyes and I imagine that the vanity light poking through the shower curtain is the sun high above me, its rays lightly kissing every inch of my exposed flesh.

My carefully measured breath, the low hypnotic rumble of the ocean.
I am transported away from my Halifax suburb.
I breathe in, the crystal clear salty water ebbs, and  as I exhale the warm ocean waves crash over me.

Sinking deeper, I take a breath for me, for the stress of my day.
I take two for my body:
One to thank it for holding me up today. 
One to repair and heal it.

I take a breath for my mind, allowing the ocean waves to wash away all my troubles.
I take one for each of the people I have encountered today who may not be willing or able to cleanse themselves of daily pressures.
I take a breath for every moment of a moment in which I had a negative or unkind thought.

I breathe.

I breathe and I float and I imagine.

What is your favourite way to meditate?

Peace and Love,


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