What, I Wondered

I often wonder which moments in my life are fixed, unmovable moments. Moments that shape the way I am, and who I will become. Moments, that if changed, would alter significantly my place in this world… Would I still be me? 
Would we, you and I, have existed? 
Would we still? 
How would my life, and yours, have changed, would the world be the same if I’d gone right instead of left?

These are the types of thoughts that haunt me as I go about daily life.

Is this the moment? Is this? What about now? 

When did I become who I am today, and when will I change into who I will be tomorrow?
If given the chance, which moments would I relive, redo, or omit altogether? 

Would I dare take the chance?
We’ve all seen that episode of The Simpson’s where Homer get’s zapped back in time “Oh how I wish. I wish, I wish I had not squished that fish,” only to return to find Springfield was not as he had left it.

And, we all have days where we wish we could go back to a younger version of ourselves and give them a little wisdom.

What words of wisdom would you share with your younger self?

Days where we feel like we’re lesser versions of what we should be. Days where, if given the opportunity, we would make those alterations for ourselves. Days where the sheer thought of our younger selves, sends us into a tailspin, Why did I do this? Why did I choose that? Why? Why? Why? Until we get so caught up in what might have been, that we forget what IS.

My advice?
Life every day as though you’re teaching someone else a lesson. Every moment is an opportunity to learn, to make ourselves into that better person we hope and pray we’ll magically become. Take it. Be conscious of your thoughts and actions. Be influential. Be great.

Peace and Love,


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