Just a Quiet Day At Home

The world outside is cold, and I want no part of it!

There’s always something a little naughty about having a day off in the middle of the week, whether a mental health day, sick day or just an extra day off.

Sleeping late, while the rest of the city fights traffic (traffic being particularly difficult in Halifax these days, given the current transit strike situation). Skipping all the bits of regular weekday routine: no hair and makeup; no decisions about what to wear (does this uniform make my butt look big?); no groaning about being tired; no tedious water-cooler conversations with coworkers about this TV show, or that news story.

Staying comfy-cozy in pajamas on a cold winter weekday, as the rest of the world goes about its 9-5 business can be particularly rewarding. An unexpected break from the daily grind can energize the mind, and invigorate the spirit.

My favourite thing to do on an extra day away from work/school? Oh, well that’s simple:

N o t h i n g

While my definition of nothingness may vary from others, more specifically what I actually did today was this:

N o t h i n g

No workouts, no work, no phone, no chores. Just me, pajamas, and a veg-out on the couch. 

As Keane once sang: Oh, simple things, where have you gone? The world is so void of simple things that we all deserve a quiet day, now and again, to do nothing – not even stop to smell the roses. 

What would you do with a bonus mid-week day off?

Peace and Love,


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