My Musical Education – Part I

Working a close shift tonight, I had a rare chance to do something – create my own playlist. It is not very often that I am given the opportunity to listen to, and enjoy, the contents of my iPod while I am at work, all thanks to satellite radio.

Weird has so often been the adjective used to describe my musical tastes over the years. Almost always do I steer away from mainstream and instead search for lesser known jewels, letting my ears, heart and soul do the driving. 

While some may describe my tastes as weird, or “hipster-esque,” I prefer to use the terms eclectic, unique, and awesome. I’ve never been disappointed by ‘random finds.’ Some have turned out to be musical legends, while others have remained quiet favourites. Musical tastes ebb and flow like the changing of the tides. From country and rock inspired one day, to indie and dance the next. Below is a look at five artists that made an impact on my day:

With classic ballads like Don’t Stop (Believin’) and Faithfully, how could anyone not love this band. Even the permanent departure of lead singer Steve Perry in 1998 hasn’t stopped these legends of classic rock from touring and recording.

Mike Grubbs’ guest starring role on One Tree Hill in 2009 is where I was first introduced to the soulful lyrics of Wakey!Wakey! Car Crash and 1876 – The Brooklyn Theatre Fire from the album Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You are examples of singing out your feelings – So now you are hurt, And you’re sure I could not be hurt too, And just because you’re bleeding, You think that I’m not bleeding, And just because you’re full of yourself, Doesn’t mean I’m not full of you…

I was first introduced to Travis in 1999 while staying in England. Their single Why Does it Always Rain On Me was in heavy rotation on every music channel and radio station.
Still able to escape modern mainstream ‘garbage’ that fills today’s radio and television airwaves, the album The Invisible Band boasts songs such as Flowers in the Window and Side, but it’s the chilling Humpty Dumpty Love Song that completes the album for me.
All of the king’s horses and all of the king’s men, Couldn’t pull my heart back together again, All of the physicians andmathematicians too, Failed to stop my heart from breaking in two…

With her high voice, cheery and yet soulful songs, you can just sense she’s cute as a button! Introduced to her by a former coworker, I’ve found many a contemplative evening listening to songs such as I Will, Amnesia, and Going Home
“Give me a reason to love you, give me a reason not to go, and this might sound crazy, but I’ve loved you all along, so just humor my senses, as I sing this song, to you…”

Young the Giant
My first reaction to hearing the song Cough Syrup was that it sounds like something straight out of a John Hughes movie (Breakfast Club anyone?). Lead singer Sameer Gadhia’s voice is a cross between peppy 80’s pop and moody 50’s blues. And the entire self-titled album is no joke either, additional tracks worth mentioning include I Got, Guns Out, and Your Side. Also worth a look are their “In the Open” video series on YouTube.
What’s made an impact on your day? 

Peace and Love,


4 thoughts on “My Musical Education – Part I

  1. That young the giant song was quite the hit a few months ago. it’s quite good. i have heard a few of their other songs but i can’t quite remember which ones. the rest of them i haven’t heard.

    • Sometimes, my ears are slower than what’s on the radio…I prefer to find things on my own instead of being told what to listen to, that way I will find more meaning in the music.

      • sorry, that didn’t come across like i intended. i was just relating how i know the song. there are so many radio stations and so much regionalism in canada, that it is hard to know what might be popular from one city to the next. for example, not many people would know who the trews or matt mays are out here in alberta. on the other hand, i have no idea if anyone out east knows who ‘the dudes’ are.

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